Othello Ubalde Cinematographer Photographer Toronto

About Othello Ubalde

Collaboration and fusion of the technical with his creative eye are the driving forces behind Othello's approach to cinematography and photography. One of his strong suits is staying open and engaged with you to amplify your vision throughout the entire production. It's not always about capturing a beautiful image, it's about connecting the right visual that supports the underpinning message in the narrative. His way of “seeing” is what distinguishes him as an artist in crafting the visual language for the narrative that is mirrored in his exceptional body of work. He is an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

As for stills, he uses his cinematography sensibilities to inform his photographic aesthetic. He loves the challenge of telling a visually compelling narrative in a single frame and the medium he specializes in is black and white 35mm film. Why? Three words. Bold. Authentic. Raw.

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